Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Fall of Christmas

I was listening to the radio, 5 days after Christmas and an Xmas song by The Fall have been played. I love that band but I don't know very well its discography YET.

I was excited, I wanted to hear again the words of Mak E Smith on Christmas. I knew that it would be very sarcastic and that he would say what I wanted to hear about that tradition which doesn't have any mean to me since I don't believe in Father Christmas anymore.

I went to The Fall's website, I search in the letter C of Christmas then X (of course Xmas!)

And discovered the song was called Xmas with Simon or Christmastide.

And goes like

Do not fret, rest your head, Jesus had no fear
Do not fret, rest your head, Xmas time is here

Castle in the snow, Southern white sign
No explanation for the lights
Empires were tumbling, pity the people in the desertJ
esus didPity the people who had too much dessert

JesusBig old nice old houseIt's Christmas
In old English villageJesus
It's that time againIt's Christmas
And those films again

Born in a barn
Surrounded by animals
No set amount to the number of diseases
Died at the age of 33
Which is as good a time as any

White outsideBowl of light glows
Slow marks of the humble
Wrong shall fail and the right prevail
House of goldCastle in the snow

Source: http://www.freehosting.hostrave.com/p/fall/lyrics.html

Death, boring films in TV (In France since I was born Mister Bean has won the record of broadcasting !!!) that is the spirit of Christmas!

Now I have to find the album to hear the song again!

Yes I tried to download it but there is no trace of The Fall and that reassures me. I imagine Mark E smith laughing at me while I tried to find his song and say "Ha! Stupid french girl (Mark does not like France) my fans does not have the internet".
And I think it's a good thing!

I'm preparing to go in every single cd shop in Paris to find it!