Friday, June 26, 2009

Art Brut interview 25th May 2009

The last time I interviewed Art Brut it was at midnight in a bar, in Paris. Jasper Future was deejaying and Eddie Argos fell asleep, just before the interview.
We had an appointment in a bar, on May 25th when they played their last show of their tour in Paris. It was a sunny day, we could hear Bob Dylan from the stereo’s bar and Eddie apologised because he didn’t shave.
We have talked about being a punk today, music and their “back to basics” new album Art Brut vs Satan.

How was the recording session of this album ?

As we are a punk band we decided to record it in one take because the songs are all true, we thought that it would lose its sincerity if I kept singing again and again and again….

How did you get in touch with Franck Black?
We had as a reference in maid to do this album : his first Franck Black and the Catholics album so we asked him to help us, we phoned him up and he said yes, that was easy!
We played with him in Cambridge , he liked us so…

The tour with the second album was very long. Aren’t you sometimes tired to go on tour?
I love playing live, at the moment I have a very bad back so I don’t drink much but its still lot of fun, and even better now I’m sober!

One friend of mine who is older than me and saw the Undertones said to me that you reminded me of them live. Is Art Brut one of the latest punk band?

We are a punk band. I see punk more as doing what you want. Jeffrey Lewis do that, Jeffrey Lewis is a punk band and he’s not like the Undertones, it is not a question of music. There is not many bands left who do exactly what they want.

You talk a lot in your album about people, their taste in music.
When I write the lyrics I try to be conversational, like a pub talking. I can say I hate Coldplay… I’m not pretentious and mean but I want the songs to sound like a conversation. At the moment I’m so grumpy with Kings of Leon for instance. They have a song called My Sex is on Fire. What does that even mean? It’s supposed to be sincerity.

Will you continue to talk about anecdotes that happened in your life in the future?
I might write about people now. I’m exhausted by my own stories. Well I like that like when I Write songs about DC Comics and chocolate milkshake or The Replacements. Some people come to me and say I love The Replacements Did you hear this song?

When you talk about girls and booze it is always in a pathetic way… You don’t try like other groups to glorify yourself. Is it a way for youy to connect with people?
I love that, it is so cathartic to talk about these things. And afterward people tell you "Oh that happened to me" or "My girlfriend just left me let’s have a drink". I love making friends. People think I write intentionally that kind of songs but I’m just not embellishing anything. I’m not playing a character. It’s all true you know.

How come you play a 11mn song, Mysterious bruises?

We were playing a riff and Franck Black said keep playing, play it longer! Ihad no words and I was like “oh more work for me!”. I don’t really like 7 mn songs but I like the song now. Its Black Francis’s favourite song of the album. When his children asked him what was the song about, he said it’s about UFO abduction !

How did you feel when you saw the NME cover where you appeared naked?
It was fun making that. It’s Andrew Kendall who did it. I wore a tiny thong. It was designed for a lady so it didn’t really work. I was posing and Andrew turned his head (laughs)

Could you tell me more about the song DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake?

It’s a bit like nag nag nag nag. Its about refusing to grow up. I’m nearly thirty and I still laike comics. When I’m sad hey cheer me up, I have a bad back at the moment and I can’t drink. If I’m broke, sad, have a bad relationship, they will always be there for me. Even more than booze. It kinds of make me invincible. If I have five pounds to buy a milkshake and a comic, I’m done, I’m happy.