Sunday, October 30, 2005

Art Brut, today's Modern Lovers?

"Johnathan Richman is my hero. The only one with Van Gogh" Eddie Argos of Art Brut told me in the Truskel bar during an interview I was doing for Radio Campus Paris.
Eddie Argos: "Johnathan Richman est mon héros. Le seul avec Van Gogh." m'a dit Eddie Argos d'Art Brut au Truskel durant l'interview que je réalisais pour Radio Campus Paris.

Emily Kane, the new single of Art Brut prove how much poor Eddie cares about his girlfriends especially the one that he loved. "I can't get over my old flame" mourns Eddie.
Take Bang Bang Rock and Roll: " I just want a girl to hold my hand"

Now compare to Johnathan Richman's Someone I care about: "Well I don't want just a girl to fool around with Well I don't want just a girl to ball alright What I want is a girl that I care aboutOr I want nothing at all."

And now the references of Arts:

Art Brut's Modern Art: "So I'm in the Tate and I'm looking at a Hockney, and wow there's something amazing about that blue"

The Modern Lovers's Girlfriend: "If I were to walk to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Well, first I'd go to the room where they keep the Cezanne"

The disinterest for drugs:

Art Brut My little brother: "Stay off the Crack"

The Modern Lovers's I'm straight: "Look but, if these guys, if they're really so great,tell me, why can't they at least take this place and take it straight? Why always stoned,like hippie Johnny is?I'm straight and I want to take his place."