Monday, November 14, 2005

Art Brut interview at midnight in a bar

That day it was Eddie Argos's birthday. That day I imitated him sing Emily Kane with his south londonish accent. And Paul Banks too. That day Jasper Future the guitarist played some cds while Eddie was sleeping. No one was dancing except me and my friends.
This is an interview, with my favorite band, at midnight, in a bar.

Soon you'll be able to hear this interview on Radio Campus Paris

Did you always want to form a band?

Eddie: always since I was about...13, 14. I tried to learn the guitar, then the bass guitar, and I tried to learn...the keyboard, a bit of clarinette, then I formed a band with Jasper in which I played the hoover, vacuum cleaner.

I reminds me an episode of Spaced (an english TV serie starring Simon Pegg the hero of Shawn of the dead), where there was an art happening with an artist called Vulva and his friend hoovered while he was laughing

Eddie: yeah my band was a bit like that!

Do you have some advice for those who want to form a band?

Eddie: let's just do it. Don't recruit your guitarists in the page of the nme "band needs a guitarist" like the Killers or The Bravery. Nonsense. Let's get drunk at parties, meet people, it's not hard, look, I can do it.

You were a social worker, isn't it the same job as frontman when you tell the kids to form a band because it's perhaps the only way out...

It's funny because a lot of people know that. We played a festival in Essex, and I heard some sad stories about crack addicts and that’s amazing. And some people talk to me about the song Brand New Girlfriend, great song but my girlfriend left me. What can I do? I receive a lot of e-mails of people asking me things. They think I give some good advice.

Would Art Brut still be Art Brut if you get to have a lot money, girls and fame? Without frustration?

Eddie: I’ve got a lot of girls and money!

There’s so much freshness in your music, in your attitude. That’s why I’m afraid.

Eddie: we will never be fashionable. Well it depends of much money and girls I get!

You are quite ironic toward the popular culture in England. Is it a love-and-hate affair?

Eddie: I would love to be in all pop magazines and in Top of The Pops.

To be continued

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